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Raider Day of Giving

Raider Day of Giving 2022! Help us reach our goal of 800 gifts by midnight on June 9th.

Jennifer Plouffe, Associate Director of Advancement

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Aaron Scotch
Abigail Maderia
Adam Johnston
Adam Lucas
Adam Pappalardo
Adam Scotch
Adele Raymond
Adrienne Reitano
Aidan Sullivan
Al Doyle
Al Peterson
Al Salvia
Al Torrisi
Alan Fielding
Alan Fullerton
Thanks to Peter Burke for sponsoring the “match” for the class of ‘84!
Alana McNeil
Alana Shanahan
Albert Peterson
Albert Raymond
Alexa Shanahan
Alexander Taylor
Alexandra Nova
Aliali Belkus
Alice Litwinovich
Alison Ford
Glad to support CCHS!
Allison Belliveau
Allyson Scanlon
In honor of Walter "Skeets" Scanlon Class of 1942
Thanks to all the amazing, supportive faculty at CCHS and for so many great memories!!!
Alyssa Gowing
Alyssa O'Brien
Amalia Panagiotakopoulos
Amanda Reny
Amato Benedetto
Amit Lele
Amy Clark
Amy Kenneally
Go Raiders!!
Amy Labrecque
Amy Pelletier
Amy Reilly Guillet
In honor of Ms. Coyne and Ms. Horan- thank you. My girls- Molly and Olivia- so proud of all you've accomplished this year. ❤️
Amy Wisnewski
Amy Wright
Andre Paradis
Andree Johnson
Andrew DeMinico
Andrew Kriner
Andrew Veilleux
Andy Murray
Angela Grullon
Angela Kulesza
Anita Zompa
Ann Maderia
Ann Marie OBrien
Ann Marie Pilat
Ann-Marie Giarrusso
Anna Fijnvandraat
Anne Martino
Anne Paradis
Anne Parent
Anne Trischitta
Enjoy your CCHS experience!
Anne Walsh
Anne-Marie Nyhan-Doherty
The best school for our kids ever
Anne-Marie Tattan
Annette Abruzzese
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous
Anthony D'Agata
Anthony Vicari
Antonio Lopez
April Winter
Aram Hampoian
Arleen Bradley
Arthur Ford
Arthur Richter
Ashleigh Brown
In honor of Dan Welch <3
Ashley Evangelista Read
Ashley Hashem
Audra (Hunt) Abbatiello
Audrey Haggar
Audrey Wilsack
Augusto (Gus) Andrade
Azar Korbey
BAE Systems
Barbara DeMinico
In memory of Michael Green '93
Barbara Schroeder
Barbara White
In honor of Thomas & Avis Hart
Continue to be the best you can be !
Bernard Khoury
Beth Adamopoulos
Beverly Bergeron
Beverly McCarthy
Bill Cowie
Bill LeRette
Bill Murray
Bo Rueda
Board of Directors
Bobby Licare
So thankful to be part of such a healthy & happy high school community. :)
Bonnie Lajoie
Brad Dufresne
Bradley MacDougall
In honor of Mr. O'Neil and 44 Years of Teaching at CCHS!
Love the people (teachers and life long friends) and all that CCHS has done do to help me grown and be inspired by really incredible people.
Brenda Lyons
Brendan Ferris
Brendan Meade
Brenna Lonneman
Brett George
Brian Flaherty
Brian Griffin
Brian Hession
Brian Maxwell
Brian McGreevy
Brian McNally
In memory of John T. McNally, Class of 1947
Brian Randone
Great School!
Brian Richards
Brian Salazar
Bridgid Spratt
Brima Padlan
So glad to be part of the CCHS Family!
Brin DeLisle
Bruce Touma
Bryan Chase
Buddy Landers
In memory of Vincent Landers
C.H. Robinson
Caitlin Brooking
Caitlin Lane
Caitlin Mundry
Cara McCarthy
Carl Bethea
Carl Croce
Carl Danielson
Carl Izzi
Carla DeSimone
Carlos Alba
Carlos Foglia
Carmen Giuffrida
Carol Beland
Carol Cultrera
Carol Wilson
Carrie Kirby
Casey Grange
Let's go Raiders!
Cate Adamopoulos
In memory of Arthur & Desi Adamopoulos
Catherine Canto
Catherine Kareores
Catherine Kearney
Catherine Leveroni
Celeste Vaughan
Celso Mataac
Cesar De La Torre
Chad Perrone
Charlene Traynor
Charles Annaloro
Charles Fiorino
Charles Michalopoulos
Charlotte Mele
Chas Figueroa
Chase Watkins
Cheryl Baroni
Cheryl Fanaras
Cheryll Daly
In honor of Bette Daly
Chris Dick
Chris Dziadosz
Chris Marchand
In honor of Eli Lavoie
CCHS Class of 1994, the most consecutive Raider Day of Giving Victories and Gurry Golf Balls accumulated in school history!
Chris Wade
Christian Hayon
In honor of Carlos Hayon
Christina Gilhooly
Christina Jaracz
Good luck on Giving Day!!!
Christine Connolly
Christine DiBenedetto
Christine Dunn
In honor of Nana, Midge and Sue (3 of my favorite St. Mary’s girls ❤️)
Christine Greco
Christine MacPherson
Christine Mitchell
Christine Thompson
In honor of Casey Coyne’s decades of service to the English department
Christopher Boyd
In honor of Justin Campbell 94'
Supporting a great community and remembering our classmate Justin.
Christopher Corbin
Christopher Crowell
Christopher George
In memory of Donald A George
The values, commitments and contributions of the Central Catholic family of students and alumni to our community is so very critical to our future and that of our neighbors. It's a real pleasure to be a part of that legacy.
Christopher King
Christopher Laird
Lets Go RAIDERS!! Records are meant to be broken!
Christopher Little
Christopher Mangione
Christopher McCarthy
Christopher Merrill
Christopher Pollone
Christopher Romero
Christopher Sullivan
Christopher Sullivan
Christopher Theriault
Christopher Wilbar
Chrys Ezeoke
Chuck Adamopoulos
Chuck Daly
Chuck Putney
Cindy Sun
Claire Coco
Claire McCarthy
Class of 1987 Alum
Clifton Spinney
Colby Merrill
Colette Madore
Colin Curry
Colleen Deskin
Colleen Maxwell
Colleen Walley
Connor Finneran
Constance D Shover
CCHS community is inclusive, diversified and promote good family values
Constitution Contracting
Cornelius Hegarty
Corrine Crisa-Hasbany
Courtney Salazar
Courtney Smith
Courtney Woronka
Craig Gilbert
Cralton Shover
Current Parent